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Selected Essays and Articles

The Truth About Weight Loss Surgery” (Salon)

I Lost 180 Pounds and Became a Man-Eater” (Marie Claire)

On Weddings” (Reprint, LA Cultural Weekly, originally published in PoemMemoirStory* journal)

Essential Rules of Coffee Shop Etiquette” (Bustle)

Breaking Up With Birmingham” (Thought Catalog)

My Relationship With My Body, 7 Years After WLS” (HelloGiggles)

Technology Can Help in Caregiving, But it Can’t Do Everything” (San Diego Union Tribune)

Anatomy of a Sea Monster” (Sheepshead Review*)

Finding the Perfect Man(‘s Best Friend)” (SubMerge Magazine)

Zen and the Art of Graffiti” (SubMerge Magazine)

Hawaii Dreams” (Seniors Lifestyle Magazine)

“Unconventional Tips From a Wedding Photographer” (Bustle)

How the Ideal Body Type Has Changed over 3,000 Years” (HelloGiggles)

“Is it in You? Let Sacramento’s Roller Derby Help You Become Hell on Wheels” (SubMerge Magazine)

Spoiler Alert” (SubMerge Magazine)

The Tao of Joss Whedon” (HelloGiggles)

“It’s Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus” (SubMerge Magazine)

Tess Holliday Redefines ‘Super Model’” (HelloGiggles)

This Lost Boy of Sudan is Proving Resilience Conquers All” (Adventist Health)

“Sorority Beauty Standards are Worse Than We Thought” (HelloGiggles)

What Our Favorite Comic Book Superheroines Would Look Like With Realistic Bodies” (HelloGiggles)


Greta Gerwig’s Love Letter to Sacramento” (SubMerge Magazine)

Kathy Griffin Wants a (Minor) Protest” (SubMerge Magazine)

Talk Scoop: Comedian Heather McDonald” (SubMerge Magazine)

Temple Coffee’s Sean Kohmescher and His 10-Year Takeover of Sacramento” (SubMerge Magazine)

“How Not to Be Afraid of Virginia Woolf: Elisabeth Nunziato” (SubMerge Magazine)

Art of the Airport Tower: Carolyn Russo” (SubMerge Magazine)


A Coffee-Lover’s Guide to Sacramento, California” (Sprudge)

A Coffee-Lover’s Guide to Folsom, California” (Sprudge)

ModCloth is Hosting Pop-Up Shops all Over the Country, Your Town Might Be Next” (HelloGiggles)

Caffeine Crawl, Je T’aime” (SubMerge Magazine)

BYOU (Bring Your Own Ukulele) and Sip on a Latte at Nicholson’s Music Cafe” (SubMerge Magazine)

Short Fiction

Struck” (Twin Pies Literary)


I Am Not Okay With This (SubMerge Magazine)

Twin Peaks: Season 3 (teaser) (HelloGiggles)

Yesterday (SubMerge Magazine)

Logan Lucky (SubMerge Magazine)

Stranger Things: Season 3 (SubMerge Magazine)

Insatiable: Season 1 (SubMerge Magazine)


Contributing Writer, SubMerge Magazine (2016 – 2020)

Beauty and Fashion Editor, AOL/CAMBIO (2015 – 2016)

Book Reviewer, Church Street Coffee and Books (2012 – 2014)

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